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   Confined Space Innovations, LLC  was developed by a  U.S. military veteran and Confined Space patent owner with over 23 years of chemical plant process experience as a Senior Operator. The goal of our company's cover design is to increase confined space awareness, improve hazardous communication, utilize best practice solutions by providing a cost effective solution that protects employees/contractors while conducting turnaround/maintenance operations.

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Statistics show that a large number of injuries/deaths occur due to complacency and lapse in judgement by disregarding company policies. By incorporating Confined Space Innovations covers, your company demonstrates its commitment to the safety of their employees while reducing the risk of violations/fines and potentially saving lives.

Confined Space Innovation Covers are being utilized in downstream refining, petrochemical, offshore, and various other industries. With the increasing global attention and demand, they are well on their way to changing the industry standards.